Monday, January 26, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 124: I favor the Henry Ford model

SH: We need to put limes on the Cermak list.

Me: Go ahead. It's in my purse.

SH: The limes we have are going bad.

Me: OK.

SH: Look!

Me: I do not want to be involved in this decision.

SH: But look! These are going bad!

Me: So throw them away.

SH: They are fermenting! Smell!

Me: I don't care. Throw them out. Leave me out of it.

SH: But you have to smell!

Me: I do not want to be involved in this decision!

SH: You need to be involved! It's a Togetherness Decision!

Me: I do not want togetherness!

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Anonymous said...

I laugh SO! And am immediately reminded of my friend, the psychotherapist, who is married to the engineer. She tells of one recent exchange when engineer tried everything from his relationship playbook to get therapist's attention to no avail, then finally he blurts "It's about Feelings!"