Monday, January 05, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 346: Goose/gander, part 45

Me: Wow. You really need to get reading glasses.

SH: Yeah, but what do I do with them?

Me: What do you mean?

SH: Where do I put them?

Me: You keep them by your computer.

SH: No. When we go out.

Me: In your pocket.

SH: They won't fit in my pocket!

Me: Then roll them up in your sleeve, like a pack of cigarettes.

SH: I can't do that.

Me: I don't know then. A lanyard?

SH: That would look dumb!

Me: Dunno.

SH: When we go out, you can carry them for me in your purse.

Me: Sure. I guess I need to get a new purse to be able to do that.

SH: No! No new purses!

Me: Then no glasses carrying, I guess.


Tricia said...

This is totally us! Only I need readers, too, so at restaurants I'm always having to loan mine to him so he can read the menu and add the tip. I guess I should get some really girly ones with rhinestones or something. . . .

wellfedfred said...

After a few trips with Himself when I allowed as how there might be room in my pocketbook for his map, his sunglasses, his little guidebook, his Little umbrella (I'd rather be wet than wrangle umbrella, pocketbook, briefcase, etc) -- well, I switched to a teeny belt bag. Guess what? He discovered that stuff fits in his pockets. He's even carried my sunglasses for me.

webb said...

Or, he could get bifocals with reading lens and clear at the top and wear them all the time ...

Class factotum said...

See, I think SH should get a murse. I am not his beast of burden!

Epicure68 said...

My husband bought a pair that folds up and comes in its own teeny tiny case. No excuse not to find a pocket to put it in. Unfortunately it's so small he managed to lose it on the bus