Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 875: No use crying over cookies in spilt milk

Me: You bought gluten-free cookies?

SH: Yes.

Me: Why? They look awful. They use sorghum flour and a lot of weird stuff.

SH: They were on sale!

Me: How much?

SH: Twenty five cents! For that whole box!

Me: Is it possible that the reason they were on sale is because nobody wants them because they are awful?

SH: Possible. But only twenty five cents. Worth a try.


DebH said...

I used to do this, too, when clothing shopping; I'd buy something that I sort of liked but couldn't walk away from because it was on sale for a ridiculously low price. You know what always happened...these clothes sat in my closet and were given away to Goodwill a year later, unworn and tags still attached. So rather than saving money I ended up wasting it.

Probably will be the same case with your cookies. I get that some people can't have gluten, but I'm not one of those, so no matter how many extra calories I'm going to consume, if I'm going to have a cookie, I'm going to have a REAL cookie.

Gaylin said...

As someone who has to eat gluten free. Cookies like this make me glad I know how to bake!

At least it was only a waste of 25 cents.