Saturday, February 07, 2015

Family life


I am posting this photo in honor of my mother. It is one of her favorite photos of me. It makes me think of a birthday card I saw that says, "Mom, thanks for teaching me to use the big girl potty. This has been a very useful life skill."

My mom's birthday was yesterday. I am lucky to have a good mom. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am but I never really realized that until I was an adult and saw how bad it could be. I just assumed everyone had a mom who did mom things, like making sure they got to bed on time and had clean clothes and good food to eat. I know someone who used to sleep in her school clothes because she knew that nobody would ever get her up on time and she wanted to be as ready as she could.

I am also lucky that my mom is a bit of a camera nut. I hate having my photo taken - I hate being posed and I am horribly unphotogenic (or maybe that is what I look like, which is even worse). But when I was a kid, my mom took tons of photos and I am very happy to have those photos now. I know people who have almost no record of their childhood.

So anyway. Mom, I love you. I am glad you are my mother. Happy birthday.


Cleo from Jersey said...

Happy Birthday, Mom. I, too, had a good (the best) Mom. However, I know too many friends who didn't, and it is still something that brings them pain. When my mother died in 2012, I received dozens of cards from my friends, and my daughter's friends expressing their sorrow at her death, and all ended with, "she was such a good Mom". We are truly blessed.

webb said...

Happy birthday to your Mom. Have always thought that the mothers should get the cards, since they did all the work!

It's so good that you have a good example when you are in-lawed to such a bad one.