Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 12: Being right is so rare and so sweet

Remember the Pink Sock? The story gets better.

A week after the sock could not be found, I found it.

I found it tucked inside my gym shorts when I got to the gym at work. The sock must have gotten all twisted up with the shorts and not been visible to the person drying and folding the shorts (that would be SH).

This is what happened:

Class Factotum
Guess what I found in my gym bag, inside my orange shorts?
The other Pink Sock.
 — with SH.
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  • SH  So it was you who did not do it right. I am vindicated.
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  • Me nope, it was you - you are the one who did not get the sock of the shorts after you got the shorts out of the washer.
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  • Oh SH , so close to sweet sweet vindication! Keep on trying! I've only been at this 26 years and I think I'm almost there.
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  • SH  I shook the shorts and the sock did not fall out. I can't be expected to search every fold of every piece of clothing for other pieces of clothing.
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  • Me  Never said you were expected to do so. I am not the one who freaked out about the missing sock and became completely obsessed with finding it, Capt Ahab.
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  • Me  I told you it would turn up and not to worry!
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  • SH  But it's a problem when every pair of socks cannot be matched at the end of any day's laundry.
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  • R  still refuses to accept the simple beauty of my solution.
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  • SH d I could start putting the small socks inside those mesh bags. That would solve the problem.
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  • Me  SH , do what you want. I don't worry about the socks coming out perfectly. Over a year, it all works out.
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  • R Embrace the Sock Locks!
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  • SH  They have to come out perfectly or it's really bothersome!
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  • SH  Well, R, the Sock Locks are something I'd have to buy. We do not want to buy unnecessary stuff. (Well, that's not quite true. I love to buy unnecessary beer and wine.) As I mentioned, we have multiple mesh bags that can solve the problem.
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  • Me  You need a hobby.
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  • Me  What? You LOVE stuff, SH! You would happily fill our house with junk! That is the main reason you miss Menards - you miss wandering the aisles looking for useless stuff.
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  • SH After I stopped buying unnecessary and sometimes useless stuff, I realized that I don't need to buy unnecessary and sometimes useless stuff. You will have to concede that I've bought much less stuff in the past few years. Having said that, getting rid ...See More
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  • Safety pins would also work.
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  • A life without sock locks is like a life without beer.
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  • Rubi SH, my mom hasn't moved in more than 30 years. But every few years she likes to "pretend" she's going to and get rid of stuff. Highly recommended.
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  • SH Rubi, I'm an engineer. Therefore, I'm not good at pretending. Unlike CF, I did not grow up in a military family. I think she is still conditioned to think that she might have to move at any time on short notice. Maybe I'll learn after I help my parents get rid of their accumulated stuff, which will happen at some point in the relatively near future.
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Marsha Splenderosa said...

How is it you can post about the most inane and ordinary things and make it funny? You are amazing. And, I'm so happy you were right !!

webb said...

Go with the safety pins like B said above. I had a boss once who pinned all his sox in pairs. He would unpin and wear a pair every morning, leaving the pin on the corner of the dresser. When he undressed, he would re-pin and put the pinned sox in the laundry. They would stay together thru the entire process and come out together.

I am not anal enough to bother to do all that, but it worked great for him. And, I think SH would love the symmetry of it.

Class factotum said...

Thank you, Marsha! I was happy to be right, too!

Webb - Now that SH is in charge, he can do it. :)