Friday, February 27, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 762: Forest/trees again

Me: While you were gone, I went to that storytelling workshop.

SH: Uh huh.

Me: And there was this guy - he was amazing! He is also a Texan tricked into moving here. His wife teaches at UWM. That's how they ended up here.

SH [ ]

Me: Anyhow, we had to each tell a four-minute story and then get feedback. It was really good - the feedback was invaluable.

SH [ ]

Me: This guy - and I won't give you all the details because you hate the details - won $25,000 on the "Price is Right!" After he got out of the army and was going to Houston community college, living with his parents!

SH: Wow! That is neat!

Me: Yes! He was dead broke, going to school on the GI Bill, driving around in an old clunker. Anyhow, he auditioned for the show, got on, and won!

SH: Cool.

Me: AND he said the best part - well, I suppose the money was the best part - but the other best part was that he got to meet Vanna White!

SH: That's not "The Price is Right."

Me: What?

SH: Vanna White. She's not on "The Price is Right."

Me: Whatever. He won $25,000! And he really needed the money! Isn't that cool?

SH: It must have been "Wheel of Fortune."

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OMG - what an engineer