Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 871: Why SH has such a stressful life

Me: Wow. They have Tupperware on eBay.

SH: Why are you looking at Tupperware?

Me: Because I am tired of the Rubbermaid breaking! My mom has Tupperware that is almot 50 yeasr old and it's still good.

SH: What Rubbermaid?

Me: That container I used yesterday - it's broken on the side.

SH: That's because you dropped it.

Me: Tupperware doesn't break if you drop it.

SH: Wait! Wait! You will cause a lot of stress if you get some Tupperware. We will have to implement a completely new system!

Me: Shhhhh.

SH: The Tupperware drawer is full now*. We would have to completely redesign how we do it!

Me: I am just looking.

* Not really a Tupperware drawer - it's a Rubbermaid drawer. But we call it a Tupperware drawer because Tupperware is the Kleenex of tissues. It is the Coke of soft drinks. It is the Xerox of copy machines. And it is full because I have not cooked in a while - I usually make big batches of stuff and then freeze it in small portions. We know it's time to cook when the drawer starts to fill.

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