Monday, February 02, 2015

The working life: When worlds collide

I just called my boss, whose name is not "SH" but who is an engineer, "SH" because he was being so annoying and engineer like.

Boss: Why doesn't column A show on the screen? What's wrong with the projector?

Me: I don't know but it doesn't matter. We are not looking at column A. Focus on the project name in column B. That's what we need to talk about.

Boss: But why? It wasn't working yesterday, either.


Boss: But I want to fix it!

Me: For pete's sake, SH, would you just focus on the big picture here?

Boss: What?

Me: Omigosh. I just called you "SH."

Boss [laughs]

Me: You and SH: the two most annoying men in my life

Boss: Do I annoy you?

Me: You know you do!

Boss: All right!!!!!

I posted this story on facebook and every single commenter wanted to know what was in column A.. Every single commenter was also an engineer.


Cleo from Jersey said...

LOL, well I would need to know what is in column A and I'm not an engineer, but I am very detail oriented. For me, the whole picture would have to include column A.

webb said...

Good grief! who cares about Col A? it doesn't matter.

Hoya said...

I would need to know why Col A isn't showing either. So I can fix it/have IT come fix it before the next time I need the overhead.....