Friday, March 20, 2015

Marriage 701, Leture 874: They missed some categories, or, I would not have had enough money to build SH

Items that should be on this list but are not:

11. Orphan, $4
12. Non farter,$1
13. Can do simple household and auto repairs, $1
14. Can do complex household and auto repairs, $2
15. Can and will cook, $1
16.  Will clean the hair from the shower drain, even though it's not his hair, $1
17. Will collect little Nutellas from the Delta lounge and bring them home, $1

What else should be on this list?


wellfedfred said...


cf said...

And the people said, "Amen!"

Anonymous said...

Loves to cook
Loves to clean
Smells good
Dresses well
Has impeccable manners
Is financially responsible


Cleo from Jersey said...

Non Elks, American Legion, Polish Home, Knights of Columbus member $5
Social drinker only $5
Generous $5

artsy in boulder (Debbie) said...

Healthy, with intent and commitment to stay that way $5

Epicure68 said...

Comes into the room you're in to talk to you rather than yelling through the house $2

Doesn't have psychotic/emotionally underdeveloped/leeches for family members $5

Can handle 5 remotes rather than needing an all-in-one remote $1

Class factotum said...

Epicure, I think your second item is covered under "Orphan."

Kris, but how much would you pay for each one?

Cleo, how many clubs does your husband belong to? :) (My dad joined the Elks Lodge when I was a kid because they had a pool - that's where we spent three summers!)

Debbie, yes - lazy and unfit is no way to go through life and other people have to pay the price.

DebH said...

Will admit that he is wrong when he is wrong - $5

I'd blow it all on that.