Monday, March 02, 2015

The working life: The heart wants what the heart wants

So I got all this Valentine's candy half-price the day after Valentine's Day - oh do not judge me - like you wouldn't have been snatching up the half-price Dove little chocolates if you had been at Walgreen's with your friend Leigh in Memphis?

If that's not true friendship - buying post-Valentine's chocolate together - then I don't know what is.

I just watched the episode of Parks and Recreation when Ann moves to Michigan and Leslie was so sad.

I know what that's like. I've been doing it my whole life.

But I got to go back to visit my friend Leigh and it was great. And we bought chocolate together.

I bought a ton of it because it was half price and only a fool would turn down a deal like that and I put it in my suitcase so I could take it back to Milwaukee and of course my flight from Atlanta to Milwaukee was cancelled - yes, I know Atlanta is not on the way from Memphis to Milwaukee - so I spent the night in Atlanta without my luggage, which was where all the candy was.

More on that later. Drunk men on the plane talking like pirates. That was an adventure.

Spent the night in Atlanta. Met SH at the airport as he was catching his flight - he handed the car key to me in passing (note to self: never travel without a car key again because what if you get stuck overnight in Atlanta when your husband is supposed to fly out the next morning and he might have to leave the car for you somewhere at the airport). Drove straight to work from the airport, wearing the same jeans I had been wearing for three days already - it would have taken at least an extra hour to go home and put on work clothes - and got there with all my Valentine's candy.

A bunch of the candy was for SH.

A bunch of it was for me.

I like the little candy hearts that say things on them. So I bought an entire bag of them.

I also like dark chocolate M&Ms. I like Jordan almonds.

I took all of those into work with me. Found my tiny dark cubicle that doesn't even have walls - thank goodness the people around me are quiet but I really want a door. And windows.

I stashed the candy in my Chocolate Drawer.

It has other things besides chocolate, but I call it my Chocolate Drawer, kind of the way "Coke" is a term used to mean any soft drink in some places.

And then I thought, Hmmm. I might eat way too much candy if I have it all here in my drawer.

So I did the only logical thing and offered some candy to my co-workers, but they didn't eat all of it and I would have been annoyed if they had.

So I hid it from myself. In another drawer.

I have only five drawers. One is for my hanging files, which do not have much more than expense report receipts, since almost everything I do is on the computer.

One is for pens, business cards, notepads, and chapstick.

One is the Chocolate Drawer.

One holds a bunch of paperback books that HR was going to throw away. There was a little free library by HR but they are remodeling us down to less space for more people and the books had to go. I keep them in case I decide not to go to the gym at lunch and need some way to occupy myself for 30 minutes in the middle of the day.

And the other is where someone stored a whole bunch of cables and wires that I don't know anything about but am afraid to throw away.

I hid the candy in the cables and wires drawer because I never go in there and I was hoping I would have forgotten about it by the next time I went to work.

I have not.

I worked from home all last week and I have not forgotten about the candy.

It is there, calling to me.

I need to tie myself to the mast.


Marilyn Leslie said...

Thank you for bringing laughter today!.I do the same thing with yummy crackers.

webb said...

The worst thing about working from home is that you cannot give all your candy to the person in the next office/cube and then go eat it out of her "public" bowl - while all the while feeling all better-than-thou for not keeping any candy in your desk.

Class factotum said...

Oh Marilyn - I almost never buy the Good Crackers - they are way too expensive and do not go on half-price sale.

Webb, I thought I was the only one who did that! I have always contributed to the Public Bowl!

Marilyn Leslie said...

I get the good crackers when they are 2 dollars off of the original price and I have guests coming over who will help devour thm. They are too dangerous to have in my cupboard.