Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Travel tales: Valentines from little girls

Leigh and I went to the internet cat videos festival at the art museum, where we met my cousin, her husband, and their very cute little girl, who just turned four, who ran to Leigh and threw her arms around Leigh's legs, only to hear my cousin say, "Honey, that's not your cousin. That's Miss Leigh."

Olivia didn't care. She decided Leigh was her new favorite person and insisted on sitting in Leigh's lap, which Leigh did not mind at all, as Leigh is a big fan of little girls, as she has one of her own. I am also a fan of little girls, at least of the little girls I know.

I am especially a fan of Olivia, who has lots to say, and of Sophia, Leigh's daughter, who happily surrendered her pink princess bedroom so I would have a place to sleep. (There is a guest room, but it is the coldest room in the house.)

I am especially a fan of Sophia after I got this lovely Valentine from her. Sweet sentiments plus chocolate. Is there anything better?


Cleo from Jersey said...

Adorable! The sweetest thing I've read in a long time. Angela Muller

Gaylin said...

Olivia Rocks!!!