Friday, April 24, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 231: The Maytag man did come while I was gone

My faith in humanity and in SH has been restored.

I got home from work to find that SH had started and completed an entire plumbing project while I was gone.

Is there anything better than a home repair being done while you are not around to have to witness or be involved or watch your husband be cranky because you brought up the bucket of rags and THERE IS DUST ON THE BUCKET AND I JUST WASHED THE FLOOR?

Yes, SH is now washing the floors.

He does not do it right - ie, on his hands and knees with a rag. He does it with a Swiffer, which is stupidly expensive.

However, I would rather have someone else do a distasteful task the wrong way then do it the right way myself, so I am not unhappy.

About that. What is it about people who complain about how someone else does a task? If the outcome is the same, regardless of the method, and Wrong Method does not have negative repercussions (cost, property damage, takes ten times as long), why on earth do they care? Those people are not pleasant to be around - micromanagers. Don't like them. Would deliberately do it wrong if someone kept trying to dictate the method.

Anyhow. SH messaged me at noon that he was starting the faucet project. I worried. Would five hours be enough? Why hadn't he started earlier? Was this going to ruin my Friday afternoon anyhow?

SH blesshisheart is in the habit of doing the fun first and the chores later. As in, Saturday morning is for goofing off and late Sunday night is for chores.

I am of the chores first fun later school. How can you have fun if you know you have chores looming over you?

I don't care about his strategy when it does not have an impact on my life, but many times I have come home to find him vacuuming- or he does not start the vacuuming until I am home. I have pointed out to him that when I was the golddigger, I did all the housework while he was working so his off time would be pleasant and quiet and clean.

So we have that difference.

So I was worried that I would come home to Faucet Replacement Drama and my evening would be ruined, which would give me cause to sing The Song of Something Bad Happened, which is not usually my thing, as I believe in Just Getting On With It.*



I walked in the door and it was done!

There was a new faucet and everything was clean and tidy and there was no drama.

The price I have had to pay is that SH keeps admiring the new faucet. "I really like this new faucet," he says as he strokes it.

Which would be fine but he wants validation. "Isn't this a nice faucet? Don't you like it?"

So I have to agree but I guess that is a small price to pay for having a functioning faucet and not having to pay $$$ to a repairman.**

* SH, for the first time, has adopted this attitude. "I don't have time to assign blame. I have to deal with this situation." It started when I wanted to assign blame - his drunk father fell on his mother and hurt her knee. "Has your dad acknowledged his fault? Has he accepted blame?" SH's father's credo is Always Assign Blame and Criticize As Soon As Possible, so I was curious to see how his principles applied when he was the one At Fault.

SH said, "Yeah, I don't think he thinks this is his fault."

"Have you pointed it out to him?"

He sighed. "I have to deal with the situation. I don't have time."

Which makes me think that perhaps I need to be drunk and stupid so as to keep SH from dwelling on The Song of Something Bad Happened.

** Although that does make me think that perhaps the reason you pay a repairman is so he will go away and you do not have to discuss the wonderfulness of the work ad nauseum.


Marsha said...

Miraculous. But it could never happen at my house. Pretty much everything takes at least twice as long as it should in my part of the vortex.

Audrey Jane Hamilton said...

More than 20 years ago, when we were young home-owners, DH tried to change the washer in a tap in the bathroom. Resulting in a tap that no longer worked at all, then a visit from a $$$ plumber to install two new taps (because they have to match of course).

That was the last time he attempted plumbing. But he is extremely clever at connecting TV/stereo/DVD/all that stuff. I count my blessings.