Monday, April 20, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 761: The clothes really aren't fitting

Me, trying on summer dresses that have been upstairs all winter, deciding what goes to consignment and what stays here: Oh man. I think this one is too tight.

SH: Yes, but I really like that. It's pretty. It looks good on you.

Me: Kinda tight.

SH, running his hands up my sides: Yes, a little.

He steps back and looks again.

SH: But only a few pounds. I mean, you don't need to lose ten pounds for this to work. Maybe just three.

He steps back again, then approaches me and touches my sides again.

SH: Or --

Me: What?

SH: Don't they have those things?

Me: What things?

SH: You're just a little bumpy here - don't they have those things that can you know, smooth you out?

Me: Like a girdle?

SH: Yes! What about one of those?

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