Monday, April 27, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 874: A little rusty

After I have done another weights workout in the basement with Shelly from Gymbox.

SH: Maybe I should do some workouts with weights.

Me, cautiously hopeful: Maybe.

SH: I haven't done weights in years.

Me: Hmmmm.

SH: I liked the Nautilus machines.

Me: Free weights are harder.

SH: Yes. The Nautilus just guided you where you needed to go.

Me: Free weights give you a better workout.

SH: You just don't see Nautilus any more.

Me: You mean the brand?

SH: No. That kind of machine, I mean.

Me: What?

SH: Yes. You don't see them any more.

Me: Except, you know, at the gym.

SH: They still have them?

Me: Only at the Y. And at the workout room at work. And anywhere else people do gym stuff.

SH: Oh.

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