Monday, April 06, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 932: A rose is a rose, continued

I said I would finish the story I started the other day. It's actually a very short story.

So there was this plumbing drama (which merits its own story). In the midst of it, SH asked me to hand him a pair of scissors.

I handed him the scissors in the drawer nearest to me, the silverware drawer.

SH: Those aren't scissors!

Me: Yes they are.

SH: No! These are shears! I want scissors!

I rolled my eyes, got up, and retrieved the other scissors, which live in the junk drawer, for him.

SH: These are scissors.

Me: Uh huh.

SH: Those were shears you gave me!

Me: So what?

SH: Well we need to have a clear understanding of the difference.

Me: You have what you want, right?

SH: Yes, but--

Me: So stop talking.

SH: But you didn't do it right!

Me: I don't care.

SH: But they are clearly different!

Me: I do not want to talk about this. There is nothing to talk about.

SH: Except that when I asked for scissors, you gave me shears!

Me: Stop. Talking.

SH: You're just trying to shut down the discussion!

Me: You are absolutely correct. There is no reason to discuss this because YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.

SH: But you didn't do it right!

Me: You will never get laid again. Shut up.


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You must love him a lot.

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