Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The working life: The clothes, again

So boring to talk about weight and diets. I don't want to hear about anyone else's weight or anyone else's diet and I am pretty sure they do not want to hear about mine.

But I have to tell you guys this story anyhow.

But even before that, I have to ask are there any women who do not think about their weight one way or another? Either too  much or not enough or it's not in the right place?

What I have not been able to figure out since I got married is why it is still an issue for me, as I am married to a man who tells me all the time that I look good to him and he likes the way I look.

If my husband likes how I look, then why am I worried?

Who else am I trying to attract?

Even if he dropped dead tomorrow, I would not remarry. He is the only one I want to be married to. Otherwise, I would rather live alone.

So why do I care if I lose those last ten pounds? My husband doesn't. I am not in the market for other men. I see hardly any women at work.

I don't get it.

And I don't want to lose ten pounds enough to you know, eat less.

So there it is.

However, the other day, I noticed that the black skirt that I wear to work three times a week and have been wearing to work for three times a week since November was looser.

That is exciting!

I noticed early in the morning. Then I kept going in the ladies' room to lift my sweater and check.




Maybe my diet of post-Valentine's Day sale Jordan almonds was working after all!

I went to the ladies again to look.

Felt so good to have a loose waistband.

It was good and loose until I got home.

I took off my sweater.

I took off my shoes.

I took off my skirt.

And I took off - my tights.

My tights.

My regular black tights. Because it was not below zero.

Not my fleece. lined. tights.

Fleece. Lined. Tights.


What is the impact of removing a 1/16" layer of fleece from the equation?

Apparently, it is the equivalent of removing ten pounds of flesh from the body.

Oh well.


Schmitt said...

I don't have a scale, and I love it. I've also noticed that I only obsess about my waistline when there's something else going on - work problems, relationship problems.

The only thing I actually worry about is fitting into my (expensive) summer riding jeans which I accidentally bought (two pairs of) a size too small, and since I broke my ankle, that's off the table this year anyway. Ice cream here I come!

Cleo from Jersey said...

Read Candace Bergen's autobiography, "A Fine Romance". She puts the whole weight issue into perspective when she declares that she is "fat", but she's comfortable with that because she really enjoys food, etc. Try as we might, the media image of the sexy, appealing woman as thin and young has seeped into our souls, and even though, intellectually, we know better, we still think of ourselves as less if we aren't those things. But, it's nice to know you like your own company enough to go it alone, should you someday be husbandless!

CF said...

Schmitt, you sound like a balanced, rational person. As long as you can't wear those jeans anyhow, you are perfectly correct to eat dessert.

Cleo, I have that book on reserve at the library! I love her and can't wait to read the book. And yes - I am enough of an introvert not to dread widowhood. :) (My mom has had five marriage proposals since my dad died, but has not been interested in picking up someone else's socks from the floor.)