Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The working life: The clothes fit even better

You guys, I was so excited at work the other day. My black skirt - the one I wear three times a week (remember the vow of No New Clothes for a Year Because I Work With Young Male Engineers So What's The Point? - that's why I wear the same skirt three times a week) felt loose.

I have been trying to work out harder than usual - I have been making myself do sprint intervals on the treadmill and have moved from 15 lb to 20 lb weights for a lot of things. I actually sweat while I work out now, which is not a usual occurance.

Maybe it was paying off.

Maybe I was not eating as much as I thought and maybe that Nutella popcorn, which looked so good in the recipe but did not turn out anything like the recipe promised - maybe my abstaining from most of the Nutella popcorn helped and I had lost some weight.

I spent the day tugging the skirt up and then going into the ladies' room to lift my sweater and see the skirt hitting lower on my hipline. Below the top of my tights, actually.

It was looser!

I was trimmer!

Victory, at last!

Those jeans that had been too tight last season?

They would now be my you know what.

I couldn't wait to get home to try on all of the clothes that had been too tight last season and had been busy shrinking in the upstairs closet.

I went into the ladies' again.

Lifted my sweater.

Noticed how the skirt lay so low on my hips, with the top of the tights above it.

And a nasty thought came to the front of my mind from the back of my mind, where I tried to push it back to.

That thought, which would not be squelched, was, "Wait. Something has changed. Are these the same tights you always wear?"

And the other part of my mind answered, "Nope. Today, for the first time in four months, you are not wearing fleece-lined tights to work. You are wearing regular black tights."

I tried to keep the rest of the thought from coming.

I couldn't.

It came.

"Fleece-lined tights take up a lot more room than regular tights. You are no trimmer than you were yesterday, so put the Jordan almonds down and back away slowly from the chocolate drawer."

Stupid fleece tights.


Schmitt said...

Oh nooooo!

webb said...

This started out so well!

Cleo from Jersey said...

Your 3X a week black skirt reminded me of a time, back in the day, when I taught high school English in Newark, NJ. My typical, daily attire was navy blue pants, some type of sweater, and a vest. Well, one day I was teaching the students how to use descriptive adjectives. Not sure if I had made my point, until the next morning when I arrived to see this written on the blackboard: "Ms. Muller is a blue pants wearing bitch!" Success!

Unknown said...

Oh, I not only feel your pain I have walked in your shoes! (Pulled up your pants?) I wore tights and a long underwear layer for weeks and weeks this winter. And went through a similar delusion of weight loss when I delayered.
Next year we will remember.