Friday, April 17, 2015

The working life: Is bathing really necessary?

You guys, I used to freak out if I could not take a shower every day. During the three month training period for Peace Corps, the other volunteers and I took a lot of trips. We had a long weekend site visit with current volunteers, staying at their houses, and we took some weekend trips to the beach.

Peace Corps volunteers do not have fancy houses. They do not have guest rooms. They do not have fancy bathrooms. And in Chile, they did not have a lot of heat, which is actually something you need in Chile because Chile is the south of the equator weather version of California and when is the last time you heard someone complain about the heat in northern California?

It is a pain in the neck to use someone else's bathroom when that someone else is a Peace Corps volunteer who does not have a big supply of guest towels. Same thing when you are staying at a beach cottage. The towels. Where do the towels come from? Where does the heat come from?

The solution was easy for my PCV friends: if there is no heat and there are no towels, then there are no showers. Easy.

But I was appalled at the idea. Go a day without showering? Go a day without washing my hair? Well I never!

But I had to choose between being really cold and drying off with my jeans and not bathing.

I chose not bathing.

It was really, really hard. I felt disgusting and nasty, even though I don't think I have ever in my life sweated enough to be gross unless the sweat is because it is over 100 degrees and that was certainly not the situation in Chile.

It was hard but I did not die.

How I have grown since that time.

Now, I work from home for an entire week (if my boss is out of town, there is no reason for me to be in the office, as everyone else I work with is outside of Milwaukee) and do not bathe.

Do you know how much easier life is when you don't shower?

You gain all that time wasted in the shower and you don't have to be cold because your hair isn't dry and you don't have to use a hairdryer so you won't be cold because your  hair isn't dry and it doesn't matter! Your skin does not get super dry and hurt from dryness. Your hair gets a little funky but who cares? Especially if your husband is out of town and you are in contact with no other human beings, it does not matter!

It never mattered!

I have decided that my post-SH life goal - if he predeceases me - is to be a hermit.

That's right.

I want to live in my house and never leave and have things delivered to me but never talk to other people because really, it is not my favorite thing unless I really, really like you - otherwise, I would rather be reading a book - and almost never bathe.

I will stay in my house and read (my library will deliver books! although I could walk there and get my books and still not talk to anyone because they have machines where users can check out books themselves) and cook and hang out with the cats and sleep late and I will not take a shower every day. I will not take a shower every other day. I will maybe take a shower once a week. Maybe.


LPC said...

I shower only because I like the hot water;).

Michele said...

This post would never have been written by someone in Texas where it is hellishly hot many months of the year. Yes, bathing is really necessary, at least in the Lone Star State!

Marilyn Leslie said...

So funny! Since I'm currently between jobs I've decided to continue to shower on a regular basis and blow dry my hair, just to keep up my morale. However make-up will only be applied if I leave the house!

Class factotum said...

Michele, I never could have gotten away with not bathing in Houston!

Marilyn, I hope you find a job soon.

LPC, I love the hot water, but I love sloth even more.