Monday, May 18, 2015

Wisconsin 101: We are not late and we fight not to be early

Speaking of Germans, here's what it was like Saturday evening after my friend Danette and I finished our walk.

Danette, after I tell her the German story from work: You know there are a lot of Germans in Milwaukee.

Me: I know! I am one!

Danette: Me, too! But I fight it! I go into a festival and hear German music and it's like it is speaking to something deep in me. (She pulls her shoulders back and stands up straighter.)

Me: It makes you want to invade a small country!

Danette: Yes! That's why I have to fight it. Anyhow - they used to give a lot of tickets for jaywalking here.

Me: Jaywalking?

Danette: Because it's against the rules.

Me: Oh. Right.

Danette: You can't have people breaking the rules!

Me: No. You can't.

Danette: I have that tendency - I am a rule follower. I have to fight it. But it's hard!

Me: I know.

Danette: So I made myself wait until 6:30 to leave my house tonight.

Me: When it was 6:32 and you weren't here, I started to worry that something might be wrong.

Danette: I forced myself to sit down and read a paragraph of my book so I wouldn't be early.

Me: This is Wisconsin. People here show up early.


Joy said...

Ha! This is so true. I am a German from Wisconsin (with an unmistakably ultra-German last name, and very little in the way of other ethnicities to temper me), and I also have to fight not to be early. My grandmother is even worse, in that she does not fight the early. If we invite her for lunch, we tell her later than the actual time, because otherwise she arrives before the food is ready.

Class factotum said...

Joy, I have relatives like that! My dad's cousin showed up 30 minutes early for lunch once. I was still in the shower!