Monday, June 29, 2015

Wisconsin 101: They talk different here

I was talking to one of the guys who works at city hall. Discovered he was from Alabama.

Guy: I moved here when I was 14.

Me: That must have been a shock - to be a black person in Milwaukee and to be someplace so cold.

Guy: It WAS! I asked for a pop and they didn't know what I wanted!

[Which I thought was odd because I thought "pop" was a northern thing, but I don't curate his experience.]

Guy: The clerk asked if I meant a soda and I didn't know. I said I wanted Jungle Juice and she said, "Oh! You want juice! It's back there."

Me: It's different up here.

Guy: Plus where I'm from, we were real country. But it's different here. Everything is different.

Me: Food.

Guy: Food. I think the greens are better down there - you know, because of the earth.

Me: If grapes can make wine taste different because of where they are grown, I don't see why mustard greens can't be the same. My friend came from Memphis to visit and she brought me a suitcase full of mustard greens.

Guy: I bet they were good.

Me: Hey. Do you know the expression "put your foot in it?"

Guy: Of course.

Me: I made some brownies for an IT guy at work when I lived in Memphis and he sent me an email that I had put my foot in them. I thought he was saying my brownies were bad.

Guy: No! It's a compliment!

Me: You're sure? I saw a Tyler Perry movie where Madea said something like that.

Guy: It's like when you make some mustard greens that are so good and your granny say, "Child! You put your FOOT in those doggone GREENS!" It means they are real good.

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