Monday, July 06, 2015

Chats du jour: Trying to stop the hoovering and the vomiting


Laverne has an eating disorder.

She is a pig.

She sucks her food up in about 15 seconds.

When she throws it up - which is often, the kibbles are whole. She does not even chew.

Shirley, on the other hand, is a deliberate eater. She thinks about each bite and looks into the distance for several seconds as she does so. "Do I dare chew?" she muses. "Do I dare eat?"

Her head tilts and then she decides.


She does dare eat.

She picks up one kibble and chews it. Slowly. Deliberately. Calmly.

Meanwhile, to her right, Laverne has already eaten all of her food and is looking at Shirley's. "Are you going to eat that?" she asks.

"Yes I am so stay away!" Shirley says, but Laverne ignores her and tries to shove her way in.

A few minutes later, Laverne is throwing up her food because she has eaten way too fast.

SH and I reduced the vomiting a bit by splitting her meal into two shifts separated by 15 minutes, but that still wasn't enough.

Today, the vet suggested I add some tennis balls to a feeding dish.

Laverne was ticked. 

1. I had fed Shirley in their usual dish but there was no food for Laverne and that was MEAN.

2. I kept trying to show Laverne the new bowl with the tennis balls but she wasn't interested. For over six years, she has been eating out of the right side of the dish that she shares with Shirley. That is how we do it. That is how we have always done it. Where was her food? Where?

3. I showed her the new dish again and she didn't understand what I was getting at.

4. And then Shirley, who has never had an intellectual reputation in this house, did discover that there was food mixed in with the tennis balls and the toys. That piqued Laverne's interest, if just because Laverne loves nothing more (other than eating) than to take something away from Shirley.

It took Laverne five minutes to eat her entire meal. Usually, it takes her under a minute to eat half of her meal. This might do the trick. I will let you know. It will be a lot easier to find a new catsitter if I don't have to say, "Oh yeah - you will probably have to clean cat vomit off the floor."


webb said...

Reminds me of our first puppy... we didn't know that we should mix the adult food with the puppy food for a few days to wean him from one food to the other. Well, he LOVED the adult food and would empty the bowl in record time and then come back for more - all day long. A few days later we found dried piles of unprocessed food in lesser used rooms! At least it was dry.

Hope the balls do the trick.

Brisvegan said...

I love the names Laverne and Shirley. Hope those are their actual names!

Also, they are very pretty cats.

Class factotum said...

Yes, those are their real names! SH wanted them to have Milwaukee names. I didn't see the point of giving names to cats - it's not like they come when you call. Except they DO come when we call!

Thank you - we think they are pretty, too. CF