Friday, July 17, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 903: I would say I will buy a new purse but how many purses can one woman use?

Me: I was looking in the drawers in the guest room. Almost all the drawers have your clothes in them. There is only one drawer that has my stuff in it.

SH: Uh huh.

Me [not surprised that the announcement of the huge inbalance of space consumption in this house - the junk in the basement is his, he has an entire office full of junk, and now he is encroaching into the guest room - was not met with consternation but instead with no acknowledgement that it is not fair for one person to hog all the storage space, even if I don't have as much stuff - there is nothing wrong with having space be empty]: I noticed that there are several pairs of brand-new boxers in one of the drawers.

SH: I know.

Me: So don't buy any more! You have enough.

SH: I know. I won't.

Me: Good.

SH: Unless I find something really cool, like with a fish design.

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Epicure68 said...

OMG, did my dad have a love child even he doesn't know about? Or at least a clone? I know Mother Nature abhors a vacuum, but men?