Monday, July 20, 2015

The working life with engineers: If the shoe fits or matches or something like that


You guys, I went through an entire day at work without one single person pointing out that my shoes did not match. For as detail oriented as engineers can be, you would think I would have been the object (the subject? I don't know) of much snickering and finger pointing.

Or maybe I really am invisible now that I am a Woman of a Certain Age.


Eric said...

There's an old joke about how to tell an introverted engineer from an extroverted engineer: the extroverted engineer looks at your shoes.
You must work with a bunch of introverts.

Michele said...

My theory is that after a certain age all women qualify to be private detectives and could go and do and get information without any difficulty at all. When you're invisible to most of society that's the ideal career.

class factotum said...

Eric, I must! That is the perfect explanation!

Michele, it is hard to accept being invisible, especially when I never thought I was visible before, but youth gives visibility. I should learn to use my new power for good!

Marsha said...

They probably noticed, but didn't see anything operationally wrong with wearing two shoes that fit and were approximately the same heel height. Ergo, no comment necessary.