Monday, August 10, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 234: Going on vacation with an engineer

We are packing to go on our vacation and SH is getting all stressed out because he needs to be in charge and he thinks that I am using the wrong bag for his books - the books are not tidy enough and I have put his magazines in there and WHAT IF THEY WRINKLE? and how come I have mixed my books with his and is that the right bag to put the shoes in (driving, so we do not have to be compact and tidy) and I am wondering just how many years I would get for hitting my husband over the head with a bag of library sale books and if there is a jury of my peers-  women married to fussy engineers - who would even convict me.


LPC said...

Pleading the umpteenth;).

Anonymous said...

No, you would not be convicted.