Friday, August 21, 2015

Marriage 701, Lecture 234: In Lyme disease and in health


Me: []

SH (walks into bedroom): OH NO!!!!

Me: What?

SH: I just pulled a tick off my leg!

Me: Did you get the legs?

SH: Yes.

Me: OK. [I return to my book.]

SH: But - A TICK!

Me: And?


Me: Well, let's hope for a quick death then - before you have to deal with (a particularly unpleasant task that is looming)

SH: Should I call a doctor?

Let me interject here - the times that SH has actually needed medical attention or medical supplies - the time the surgery wound on his leg was infected and the times he has had the flu or something where even if he does not want to take a decongestant, it would be helpful for me not to have someone sniffing and gasping to breathe next to me all night, he has refused, with stoic principled "I don't NEED a doctor/medicine."

Me: I think you will be fine. I have not heard of an epidemic of Lyme disease in the Apostle Islands.

SH: I could DIE.

Me: My friend's husband was bitten by a tick a few weeks ago and yet he lives.

SH: I could DIE.

Me: Could you wait until we're home so I can have the rest of our vacation and not have to worry about what to do with your corpse up here?


Anonymous said...

We've had several ticks in the past year or two. We found a couple just walking around on us, I've also found two attached to me. After the first one which came from an area known to have Lyme, the doctor gave me an antibiotic. The next one came from an area she said probably did not have Lyme. She had me wait 10 days and then I took a blood test to detect Lyme. She didn't say so, but I suspect the standard procedure had changed in between times.

Judy said...

If you really want to freak him out, show him this...

I mean, dying is one thing, but allergic to red meat? That's scary.

Unknown said...

Tell him to spray his underwear and socks with permethrin and let you get back to your vacation reading! (we live in NC, in the woods - we get ticks ALL the time- knock wood, no Lyme yet....For a while we were holding on to all the ticks we removed & killed, but our doctor said no one actually takes the time to test the ticks, so....)

Class factotum said...

Anon, it's been over 30 days now since our vacation (man, does that make me depressed), so he is outside of the symptom window. (Based on one quick google.) I can't even get him to the doctor when he is sick - but no matter what, there is the drama at home! I am glad you are disease free.

Judy, being allergic to red meat would be a tragedy!

Unknown, you are right! He needs to leave me alone. :)