Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wisconsin 101: Who's cool?

This is such a sincere place. There is not a lot of snark in Wisconsin, which means I am often left feeling like the bitchiest person in the world because I have a normal amount of snark but compared to Wisconsin Nice, I am mean.

Even the hipster affect is done without irony here. There are people who have mullets because - because, I think, they think they look good. Not because they are making an ironic commentary on fashion and style.

Although I have to admit that I could do without hipsters and ironic commentary on fashion and style.

I even had to stop it at work because my boss, who does have a great sense of humor, does not have a snarky bone in his body. When I was commenting that at my old job, at the super-cheap non-profit, they had moved beyond a VPN system and I could get to any of my files on the shared drive from my home computer, as compared to my current job, where I have to have 1. my work computer and 2. a stupid VPN thingy to work at home, that the 80's called and wanted their technology back, my boss looked puzzled and then shook his head.

I got the message.

Snark is not done there.

That's why I have to save it all for blogging.

But occasionally, I do see something that gives me hope that there is an edge to the humor here, like the coolers at Big Head Beer.

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Cleo from Jersey said...

Well, your snark makes me laugh...and if this helps, your snark is generally applied. What I mean is, you are never funny at the expense of someone else...well, except for SH, maybe, but that's totally permissible. Angela Muller...Cleo is my beautiful four-legged angel.