Friday, September 04, 2015

Cats 101: Laverne doesn't vomit for over two weeks with her new cat food that costs as much per pound as good steak and I make the mistake of bragging about it on facebook

I should not have bragged that she had not vomited since she started on the new food.

Because as soon as I wrote that post, she barfed.

And not just regular barf. This was three separate barfs in three separate locations. She had been outside for two hours - I put her out after she had supper - but she cried to come in.

I thought she just wanted to come in for some Inside Water, as Inside Water is way better than Outside Water, even though Outside Water comes from Inside.


She came in to barf.

Because it would be what - gross? indelicate? rude? - to vomit on the lawn?

It's not like we have a nice lawn. It is full of weeds and rotting pears. A little cat barf would not hurt the scenery.

She cried and I brought her in and went back downstairs to watch more of "A Place To Call Home" and then I heard the pre-barf sound, a sound that every cat owner recognizes, and ran upstairs.

Amazingly, she was barfing on the wood floor, not on the rug that SH and I bought in Morocco and had shipped back to the US.

Three separate increments.

Three places to clean.

I won't go into detail, but I will say that the barfing was of such a quality that I had to summon SH, who thought I was asking him to do the cleaning, which I was not. I just wanted him to see it.

But he was already cranky and already starting to clean it up, muttering that I use too many paper towels when I clean vomit (to me, the proper number of paper towels is as many as it takes for me not to feel the warmth of the vomit through the towel)(and I am not a paper towel waster - I use paper towels for nothing but cat vomit and cleaning windows - for everything else, I use cloth rags that I wash), so I just let him.

I think maybe I should not discuss her vomiting publicly, as it just seems to encourage her.


webb said...

Better yet, don't let her on the Internet.

Jasmine said...

Hi there,
Delurking just to share this
Laughed and immediately thought of your cat.


CF said...

Webb, :)

Jasmine, that is funny! Laverne is not that sneaky, though. She likes immediate feedback for anything she produces, be it mice or vomit.