Monday, September 14, 2015

Chats du jour: When cats and engineers collide

The cats are on new food. This food costs six dollars a pound. I am thinking of just feeding them steak.

I was feeding the cats the same volume of food - a quarter a cup a day per cat - as with the old food while I sought calorie information on the old food. The calorie information is printed on the bag of the new food, but Eukanuba (a Procter and Gamble brand) does not see fit to provide that information on the package or on their website and they never answered the email I sent two weeks ago asking for that information.

Here's a suggestion, companies. If you are going to ignore any questions that come via your "contact us" section on your website, then do not have a contact us section. Just don't have it. It's better not to have that section than to ignore your customers.


While I was casually seeking information, the cats were starving.


I would feed them and they would cry and cry and cry.

Usually, Laverne is crying after dinner because she wants to go outside, but when I would pick up her leash and open the back door, she would walk back to her dish.

It took me a while to catch on, as Laverne would eat all day long if she could. (She and I have a lot in common.) But Shirley usually leaves half of her food uneaten. Now, she was eating all of it and crying and crying.

A friend suggested that I could just google for "calories Eukanuba cat food" and guess what? That worked.

For dumb.

The new food has 22% fewer calories per cup than the old food.

My poor kitties were 'ongry.

My strategy was just to heap a little more food in the measuring cup - I needed about 25% more, right? So a rounded quarter cup instead of a level quarter cup.

SH was horrified.

He got out the food scale and calculated exactly how much of the new food would give the same calories of the old food.

(It turns out to be a rounded quarter cup.)


Kelly said...

I am more willing to do math for my cat than anything or anyone else. The complex calculations to figure out how much of the two different kibbles and an average of the 2 most often used grain free wet foods she should be fed....Oh my husband laughed at me. And, since our cat is a hunter as well, he started asking how many calories in a field mouse or lizard. So I told him (Google again!) and asked him to bring a sample in so we could weigh it and I'd figure it in to my calculations....

Class factotum said...

Except of course you are right, Kelly! A few tablespoons make a difference.

I would ask you how many calories in a wee mouse, but Laverne is on a catch and release program.

Kelly said...

I should add that even though I'm the one who did the calculations on how much to feed the cat, I over feed her and am not allowed to be the one doling out the food on most days. Oops.