Monday, September 21, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 33: I don't want to change, even to get what I want

SH and I went out of town for the weekend. Not for any burning desire to go out of town, but because circumstance has put us in the better be temporary ownership of a timeshare and credits would have been lost had no action been taken.

(NB: If you run a timeshare, it is not a good strategy to call your guests at 8:30 on Saturday morning to insist repeatedly that they must participate in a feedback survey. In person. No. We do not have to participate in your survey, WorldMark, and we certainly do not have to meet in person with one of your salespeople. Leave us alone.)

So we went out of town to Galena, in the heart of the Driftless Region, which is not terrain you expect in the midwest - it is hilly and wooded and absolutely beautiful. I did not take any photos because SH was driving and driving is the one place where he will not be distracted from The Mission, especially if part of The Mission is to keep those 18 wheelers from getting ahead of us again on those two-lane state roads.

But believe me, it was pretty.

Not that we knew that when we arrived Friday night because it was pouring down rain and it was cold.

So we had to turn on the fireplace.

("Turn on" a fireplace. Honestly. Pathetic. If civilization comes close to being wiped out, I will offer my skills in sewing, gardening, and making a wood fire in exchange for hunting and water purification services.)

The fireplace eventually added some heat to the room.

We went to bed.

SH's side of the bed was right next to the fireplace.

The fireplace had been turned off, but took a lot longer to let go of heat than to build it.

SH: It's too hot!

Me: I will switch sides with you.


Me: Suit yourself.

SH: But - but - but - IT'S TOO HOT!

Me: I will switch sides with you.




The Cosmic Avenger said...

You could have given him a third choice:

Find another heat source that would warm the OTHER side of the bed! That's the only way he gets to turn off the fireplace AND stay on that side of the bed! :D

Class factotum said...

I should have given him that challenge. He is an engineer, after all!

Kelly said...

Since our first trip away together, husband has known that I always have the side of the bed closest to the bathroom (anyone who drinks a gallon of water a day like I do understands this rule!). This prevents many fights. I also bought an electric blanket JUST for his side of the bed. I think this $30 purchase has saved my marriage!

A nosy mouse said...

We each have our own blankets, which solves both "this blanket is too thick/thin and I am too hot/cold" AND the fights about blanket thievery :)

Joy said...

He's doing it wrong! Strict sides of the bed only holds at home. When traveling, the rule is suspended. He could and should have switched.

Class factotum said...

Kelly, how many times do you get up? I don't have nearly that much water and I get annoyed every time I have to wake up to pee.

A nosy mouse, that is a great solution! Does it make making the bed harder?

Joy, of course he is doing it wrong! :) He is not very flexible, is he?

Kelly said...

Every night I get up at least once to pee. (I go to bed at 10, wake up at 6 on normal nights, so I'm up around 2?) Probably half the week I get up a 2nd time, and if I've been drinking alcohol, there could be a 3rd time.

We like the split covers options when we've traveled in Europe, but darling husband says he wants to be able to snuggle with me and not have to fight covers to do so. Of course, I'm always hot and don't like to sleep with him touching me, so I'm not sure who he thinks he's going to be snuggling, but....Separate covers does sound great!