Monday, September 28, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 652: Part of this complete breakfast

SH: You worry way too much about money.

Me: Which is what people who have never had to worry about money say. You don't worry enough.

SH: We have enough!

Me: No. We don't. We don't have enough to spend freely.

SH: But even if we did, you would not spend freely.

Me: OK. But I would like to know that I could spend freely if I wanted.

SH: What would you even buy?

Me: There is always room for another purse.

SH: You don't need another purse!

Me: Says the man who spends how much money on beer?

SH: That's different.

Me: How?

SH: Because beer is part of my diet.

Me: What?! Beer has no nutritional value!

SH: It has some. And I get some of my calories from beer.*

Me: Oh. Please.

SH: I would be even thinner if I didn't drink beer!

Me: And that argument is supposed to convince me?

* I have never been able to claim that I need some kind of pleasure food for its calories. I never have problems getting enough calories.


Joy said...

oh god, I HATE it when people tell me not to worry about money. My response is always exactly the same as yours--only someone who hasn't had to worry about money (or hide in the hallway behind the couch eavesdropping on parental worries/arguments about money) could possibly say something like "don't worry about money."

Class factotum said...

Joy, ME TOO! It is always people whose parents paid all their college expenses and who have never not been able to find a job and who didn't even get a job until college. Those people have no clue.