Friday, October 02, 2015

Life with an engineer, #421

Have you wondered what it is like to be married to an engineer?

I will tell you.

Being married to an engineer means not only that the squeeze points on the toothpaste must be configured properly - and that that is the task that the engineer attends to first after being gone after a week, but the toothpaste must be used to the absolute last drop.

The good thing about being married to an engineer?

You will never have to hire a repairman, because the engineer will either know or figure out how to do the repair.

When they do have to hire help, to paraphrase my boss, who is also an engineer (and whom I like very much), who has a family situation right now that prevents him from making a simple repair, the engineer's hands "are shaking."


webb said...

my musician husband is the same. my solution is to buy my own tube and keep it out of sight. now I can squeeze any old way I want.

Anonymous said...

I have an engineer. Says I, you look so sexy in that black shirt. Says he, you really need to do something about that breath. Engineers, they are adorable.

Class factotum said...

Webb, I need to get my own toothpaste!

ThesePartsUnknown - we love our engineers! There is no ambiguity.