Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Life with an engineer #651

Me: So the sandwiches that they have been having at work have been coming undressed.

SH: But there was some kind of dressing with the one you brought home. [I brought home half an Italian sandwich.]

Me: Yes but the sandwich was not dressed. It didn't have mustard or mayonnaise on it.

SH: You don't put mustard and mayonnaise on an Italian sandwich!


SH: What do you mena?

Me: The sandwiches don't have condiments on them.

SH: Yes, but they sent a little thing with dressing in it.

Me: It would be a huge pain in the neck to disassemble a sandwich and put the dressing on it at work!

SH: But it came with a knife.

Me: Oh man. You do not get it. Besides, I didn't even see the dressing until after I had eaten half of the sandwich.

SH: How could you miss it? It's right here!

Me: How was I supposed to see it? I didn't know it was there.

SH: But if you go through the box...

Me: Who goes through a complicated [Panera] box before eating? I was hungry.

SH: The first thing I do is look carefully through the box. I don't just grab stuff and start eating.

Me: Whatever. I don't want to talk about this.

SH: Except potato chips. I might eat those first.

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webb said...

gosh! i hate to have to side with SH on this one! When they come already dressed, it's always too much dressing. sorry.