Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 234: To go with our silver and our china oh wait we don't have that, either

I placed this ad in our neighborhood swap page on facebook:

I have all this great Longchamp crystal and I have never used it. Not once. I had visions of sparkling, sophisticated dinner parties and then I married a man with two cases of Lakefront Brewery souvenir glasses. They are taking space in the built-in cabinets that I could use for something else. $64 for the set: six flutes, four brandy snifters, two tumblers, six liqueur glasses.

I told SH about it.

Me: I am trying to get rid of stuff. We have too much stuff and you are bringing more stuff into the house.

SH: What? No! (His usual reaction to any proposed change. For a liberal, SH sure hates change.)

Me: We. Have. Too. Much. Stuff. And it is taking. Too. Much. Room.

SH: But that's nice crystal!

Me: I have had it for ten years and have never used it. Not once.

SH: But we might!

Me: Uh huh.

SH: We could have an elegant dinner party.

Me: And yet we never have.

SH: But what if some day we want to have a really nice party?

Me: You can rent this stuff, you know. And we have been in this house for seven years and have never had a party for our friends. I am done.


webb said...

good for you. we are all too weighted down with stuff!

Teen! said...

I love those flutes!
If the family is 'split up' ....please give me a hollar.

GrittyKitty said...

Good for you! Too much emotional baggage attached to stuff. I am clearing it out!

I don't have much worth selling, but I have a corner table in my cube that I am using to get rid of stuff that I do not need. I put a small picture frame, some old magazines, some animal stickers, a small notebook and some other stuff on the table. Printed a sign - "FREE Stuff" - and it started disappearing! People get stuff they (think) they need. I clear out junk from my house. Win-Win.