Monday, October 05, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 34: Speak no evil, do no hard housekeeping

Class Factotum
21 hrs · 
Me: I thought when you told me the cats had thrown up on the TV stand that that meant you were going to clean it up.
SH: I'm sorry, sweetie. No, I was just telling you.
Me: You told me. And then did nothing about it. Do you see a problem with that?
SH: Yes. I shouldn't have said anything.
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  • Brunhilda i know this conversation.
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  • Jen The person tending the home fires cleans the cat vomit, no matter where it lies. I think that's a rule somewhere.
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  • Michelle Hm. The man I live with told me that my dog threw up on the bedroom rug. Next, he said, "don't worry about it. I cleaned it up."
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  • Ray And thus the young SH learned the ways of marriage.
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  • SH I was busy with other things. The spit-up was something to be cleaned up later; it was already dry, so there was no hurry. I should have just said nothing and planned to clean it up after I get home next week.
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    • Class Factotum Like I was going to leave it once I saw it?
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    • SH Why not? It is possible to know about things that need to be done and decide to do them later. You just have to set priorities.
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    • Class Factotum One of my priorities is NOT TO HAVE CAT VOMIT IN MY HOUSE.
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Audrey Jane Hamilton said...

Oops CF, you need to edit this for names!

Audrey Jane Hamilton said...

Well one name anyway

Class factotum said...

Got it! Thanks, Audrey Jane.