Friday, October 16, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 43: A day late a dollar short

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Me: I finally set up the automatic withdrawals for my 2015 Roth IRA.
SH: You probably didn't do it right.
Me: Seven withdrawals, six accounts for a total of $6,496. I should have done this in January.
SH: But you are four dollars short!
Me:Big deal. I am not going to get down to pennies. These are all even dollars. In December, I throw in another four bucks.
SH: But it's not exact! When I did mine, I was within ONE PENNY!
Me: What. Ever.
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  • SH As usual, you don't care about getting the facts exactly right. I was eight cents short. It wouldn't make sense to be one cent short because that would require an odd number of transactions.
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    • CF Aaaaaand -- proving my point.
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    • SH  You're not doing it right. Getting the facts straight is not a skill that's separate from storytelling ability. It is a prerequisite. smile emoticon
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    • Gary A true storyteller will modify the facts to better communicate the story. The details are not always important.
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    • Brian CF is .06 percent off. She would have won both the horseshoe and hand grenade toss.
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  • Karen Who came up with this crazy idea of marriage anyway?
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  • Brunhilda "you are four dollars short!" priceless....... grin emoticon
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  • Brian And why is SH investing in corporate America?
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  • Gary SH, you need to start your own blog. Call it "You're Not Doing It Write"
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Anonymous said...

Do you need to edit a name in the first section? (Love your blog!)


Class factotum said...

Ooops! Thanks, Bobby!