Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 95: My husband likes how I look and nobody wants to diet so my classmates and I make a pact not to diet before our class reunion (SH has lost a bunch of weight but he has been totally stressed out and really, it's not worth it)

I have a class reunion coming up.

Of course I want to be thin. Of course I do. Because I want all the men who didn't want to date me to wish they had wanted to date me because look how good I look now.

And I want to be thin so I can wear the dress I so optimistically bought last year when it was on season close out sale at Banana Republic and I thought, "Just a few pounds and it will be fine!"

That is one of life's great lies.

Or, I should say, that is one of Womenkind's - or at least my - great lies to myself, which you think I would know better about by now, as I have finally learned not to believe the other lies I used to tell myself, ie,

1. My hair will look great if I cut it myself
2. If I buy these shoes that are a skoosh too small, they will stretch to fit my feet and I will not be hobbling after only half an hour

You would think I would know that.


1. I like to eat. I like to cook and I like to eat.
2. My husband tells me I look great the way I am. If my husband is already happy, who am I trying to please, really?

But I am dumb. So I posted something on facebook about should I lose 20 pounds by the middle of November or just buy a new dress and guess what people said?

Buy. A. New. Dress. Dummy.

Several of my classmates chimed in and said that they, too, would just buy new dresses rather than try to lose weight because losing weight is HARD. And none of us like to be hungry.

So I was going to buy a new dress but I hate shopping and I hate spending money and then I went to the Upstairs Closet where I put the great bargains I find at consignment that are fab but I have no place to wear and guess what I found?

That cute orange dress in the photo.

And then Lisa advised me on the shoe strategy.

So I am done.


Tricia said...

Isn't it thrilling when the Closet Fairy leaves you a gift like that?? It's a rare occurrence around here, but definitely appreciated!

Joy said...

When I started reading the post, I was afraid it was the dress from Banana Republic It is a great dress, and I'm so glad you'll be wearing it!

LPC said...

So very happy to have been of service!!!! I love that dress.

Class factotum said...

Tricia, I love the Closet Fairy!

Joy, I still want to wear the BR dress. Someday, maybe?

LPC, :) Glad to have your advice.