Monday, November 02, 2015

Life with an engineer, #542

SH is gone again. This happened.

I can't even.


suzanne said...

I'm not sure if I should be appalled by what looks to be grape jelly on your flatware or the fact that they're co-mingling. It's all good clean fun though. Life is short and you are enjoying the ride.

GrittyKitty said...

I don't think that is grape jelly, Suzanne. I think it is a reflection of CF taking the pic.

Silverware crisis, I am thinking. Maybe not.

My hubby is NOT an engineer, but may be somewhat OCD. I was told that I emptied the wrong (out of 4 IDENTICAL) ice tray when I was getting ice water for him. He saw my look and decided to live with the wrong ice in his water.


KJL said...

I hope you'll have that rectified before he gets home...otherwise you may get the "oh no, Oh No, OH NO" music :-)


Class factotum said...

Suzanne, that's not grape jelly! That's my reflection - I am wearing a pink shirt!

annnnnnd - I see that Tammy has said the same thing.

AND I am wondering, How can one have the wrong ice cubes? It was good of Mr Tammy to live with it.

Kris - he is very prone to The Song of Something Bad Happened these days!

The Cosmic Avenger said...
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The Cosmic Avenger said...

See, we have something very similar to this for our flatware:

Although I think SH would be much happier with something more like this, as it leaves no room for error:

Class factotum said...

Love that, Cosmic Avenger!