Friday, December 18, 2015

I get to meet Tish Jett!

 You guys, I got to meet the glamorous Tish Jett! You know Tish - from A Femme D'Un Certain Age. I love love love her blog. I am not fancy or stylish or elegant but I like to read about women who are. Tish makes it all seem so accessible and I like the way she writes.

She lives in France, of course, but was in Chicago for a while during her US book tour (you need to buy her book about style at any age!) and she invited me to an event hosted by the French Chamber of Commerce, so onto the train I hopped, slightly worried that my red cocktail dress would be found wanting, but Tish is as kind and gracious as she is elegant, so not one word of criticism from her - not even a lifted eyebrow.

She is witty and fun and absolutely lovely and I feel privileged that I got to spend an evening with her. Her friend Janice of The Vivienne Files was also there and she is also lovely. I want these women to run my wardrobe and makeup and fashion and style and everything.

I also got to eat. There was so much food. There was too much to eat. I can't eat more than one or two macarons at time, especially after I have already eaten lentil soup made by the 40something chef with tattooed knuckles who - no joke - asked for my phone number and I had to tell him I am a married woman. Unfortunately, he was rude to Tish, so we wrote him off, but even so - still nice to be asked for a number.

There were all these pastries and I wasn't that hungry so I started wrapping them in napkins and throwing them into my purse.

And then Tish got us leftover cheese from a cheese vendor. And she got us each a baguette from the baker and I walked from the hotel to the train station the next day with a baguette sticking out of my bag and feeling very, very French. It. Was. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

I would love to do that. So glad that you had a good time. I might try to have my dh get the book for me for Christmas...Corinne

webb said...

so jealous. both ladies are on my "love to meet" list.

LPC said...

Tish is a gracious and beautiful woman. I love the idea of you two meeting.

Charlene said...

So glad you were able to meet Tish. I'm a big fan of both your blogs. I'm sure it was lots of fun to actually meet in person although I kind of feel like I know both of you so well just from reading your blogs!

Kelly said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!! I'm envious!