Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Marriage 801, Lecture 235: Fancy

SH: You got fancy soap for the bathroom?

Me: I hate that soap that is there.

SH: But I got some fancy soap.

Me: I know, but it does not have a dispenser.

SH: I was just going to put it in the Softsoap bottle.

Me: No!

SH: What?


SH: But you don't care about things like that! You don't care about appearances! That's why you have white bath towels.

Me: I totally care, which is why I have white bath towels. I want simple and elegant.* I don't want mass market brands.

SH: I didn't know you were a snob!

Me: I am.

* Granted, the new soap is not simple or elegant, but it looks French. French!

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