Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wisconsin 101: My people

Last week, I had the sad event of attending my great-uncle's funeral. He was married to my dad's mother's sister. It was sad, but it was also fun, because not only did I see my dad's brothers and their wives and my dad's cousin, I also met new -some degree of - cousins I had not met before.

It was sad but not that sad - when a person lives to 95 in mostly good health and has had a happy life with great kids and great grandchildren and a great wife (and with fabulous nephews and great nieces), you can think, "That's a pretty good run."

SH and I stayed for the reception. I was late getting in because I was gabbing with new to me cousin - child of my dad's cousin whom I had not met. Oh man! This woman is fabulous! I have the coolest people in my family.

By the time I got to the food, it was almost all gone except for the dessert. Woman does not live on dessert alone, but woman sure wants to take dessert home.

Fortunately, I had my new purse - the orange thing you see below THAT I LOVE - which meant I had room to wrap and stash leftover little cheesecakes. We are still eating those little cheesecakes.

I asked my dad's cousin's lady friend (I hate using the word "partner" - they are not in business together) if she thought it was OK to take leftovers.

She said absolutely - the retirement home residents were already starting to cruise for leftovers.

"The family might as well take them home," she said.

But that's not the main thing I wanted to talk about.

My great uncle was 95. My great aunt is 92. She is beautiful and elegant and sharp. I have really good genes.

I have even better genes - my dad's cousin said, "We're related to the oldest woman in Wisconsin! She's 112." He showed me photos of my aunt Helen at Vi's birthday party this summer. "Vi and Helen are cousins," he explained, which means Vi is also my cousin of some sort through my grandmother.

I googled Vi and discovered that yep, she is reportedly the oldest woman in Wisconsin and that she lives two blocks from me.

Two blocks.

There is an old folks' home by us.

I stopped by to meet Vi last night, but she had already gone to bed. "Oh just wake her up!" the nursing assistant said. "She just went to bed."

"When I am old and asleep, I do not want people to wake me up!" I said. But I did get close to Vi's bed - the door to her room was open - and whispered, "Vi! Vi!"

She did not awake.

However, she started talking in her sleep. "Oh, you shouldn't have!" she said. "That's so nice! But I don't have anything for you!"

I was tempted to wake her up just so she wouldn't have the distress of thinking she had been caught empty handed. But I didn't.


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I love that colour! (This isn't an outfit I'd expect an introvert to wear! ;-)

Class factotum said...

Anon, people don't scare me. They just annoy me. :) (And yes, I LOVE THE COLOR!!!!)

Joy said...

I love that Vi is going to have a visitor soon. And I do enjoy--to the extent one can, and there is such an extent-- family funerals when the dearly departed has had a good life and a dignified death, and everyone can catch up with each other, and there is a good table of ham sandwiches on buns, and pickles, and lots and lots of bars.