Friday, January 15, 2016

Chats du jour

Is this the face of a happy, drooling middle-aged cat?

Yes it is!

Is this the face of a happy cat who is going bald from the bottom half of her belly down?


Is this the face of a cat whose food we have changed - with each food being more expensive than the previous - in an attempt to identify a food that will

  • Not cause her to throw up within three minutes of eating
  • Not cause her to GO BALD on her belly, at the base of her previously-lush tail, and on the backs of her hind legs?

Is this the face of a cat who had pretty much stopped throwing up months ago but then started to go bald so we switched food again and then who, five hours after eating her breakfast, randomly vomited on the bedspread and the quilt?


And is that the face of an SH who came downstairs to discover the bedspread in the dryer already and the quilt in the washer who asked, "Why didn't you stop her from throwing up?" to which I replied, "Oh because I LOVE CLEANING CAT VOMIT OFF MY THINGS."


Jessica (tc) said...

Nooooo! Do not try to stop the cat from throwing up! I foolishly tried to get my cat to move just a smidgen, so she wasn't throwing up on some important papers. Other cats I've had just move a few inches over or are okay with my putting a paper down underneath their head or even just removing whatever they are about to throw up on. My cat? She sprinted away, luckily starting her throw-up spree on the tile and then threw up all the way down the 8-foot hallway to the kitchen. While running. Full out.

To this day, I have no clue how she managed not to get even a single drop of vomit on her body anywhere: feet, legs, neck...nothing. She left a seven-foot trail of vomit that started just a few inches on the tile (thank goodness!) and ended just before the kitchen. She must have straddled the stream the whole way down somehow. On one hand, it was impressive. On the other hand, YUCK! (And she had just had wet food.)

I don't think it's possible to stop a cat from vomiting. Our cat has the sad luck to have the same vomit-issues yours has (throwing up sometimes literally in the middle of eating her meal, but often just a few minutes after), and we've tried everything. Her problem stems from food anxiety, though, due to issues at her previous home. :(

Class factotum said...

OK that is just gross!

My poor kitty - she threw up again. I don't know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Our cat gets miralax (for constipation) and pepcid a/c (for stomach upset) in her soft food with glucosomine for her knees. I feel your frustration. They are so sweet, but sensitive.