Monday, January 04, 2016

The working life with engineers

You guys remember this, right?

The flowers arranged in positions two and four?

Well, here is the current version of that story.

A bunch of us from work went out to lunch.

1. My boss pulled over halfway to the restaurant to take a photo of the odometer as it turned 100,000. Which is fairly normal behavior. I challenge you to find a person who has not done that or some variation of that, for instance, taking a photo of 123,456 or 99,999.

2. He showed the photo to Other Engineer at the restaurant.

NB I really really like the people I work with. It is a joy to work with super smart people. There is no drama with engineers. But they are not like Ordinary People. At least, they are Not Like Me.

Boss: Look!
Other Engineer: You should have waited until 100,001.
Boss: Why?
Other Engineer: Because then it would have been symmetrical.

These guys crack me up.


webb said...

would it help to know that my musician husband sees it the same way?

A nosy mouse said...

I did the same thing (milestone at 1000) and got the comment "1001 would have been better as it's symmetric". I don't get it (and I am an engineer!)

Twinkle said...

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