Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wisconsin 101: We don't live here for the Mexican food

Through a long series of events I would rather not go into here, SH and I own a timeshare now. I do not want to own a timeshare. I think owning a timeshare is stupid and I want him to unload it as soon as possible.

However, we have it for now. And there are points or whatever that are going to expire. And SH has some first-class upgrades that are going to expire. So we are going to Hawaii for vacation.

My friend Brooke just moved to Hawaii from Austin. We will get to see here when we are there - that is actually more of the appeal for me of Hawaii than Hawaii itself. (I would rather go to the Caribbean - it's closer.)

  • Me

    THat sounds fabulous! What can we bring you from the mainland?
  • 1/6, 5:33pm

    hmmm, let me think on it! I would say Mexican food but that's hard to travel- the 'mexican' food here sucks!
  • 1/6, 5:34pm

    Not to mention Milwaukee is not exactly the go-to place for Mexican food
  • 1/6, 5:34pm

    ha! yes!
  • 1/6, 5:35pm

    We do, however, have excellent cheese

    and beer
  • 1/6, 5:38pm



Kelly said...

I brought taco seasoning to a friend in Paris a few years back. And hot sauce. Lots of hot sauce! (living in NC, we do have great markets for Mexican & Central American food) Have fun - even if it's not your preferred vacation, it is a vacation, right? :-)

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